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Weir Minerals

Weir has more than 140 years of engineering expertise providing end-to-end solutions for mining, slurry transportation, dewatering, minerals processing and waste management, all around the globe.

Weir Minerals is recognised as a global leader in slurry pumping technology and innovation, with its most trusted and well-known brand in the mining industry, Warman® pumps.

The story of the Warman® pumps began in Western Australia in 1938, when mining innovator Charles Warman saw the need to improve slurry pumping technology. Some of the improvements included simplifying the pump seal so it required little maintenance and incorporated an easily replaceable rubber liner. New generations of the Warman® pump were released in 1950 and 1962. By this time, Warman® pumps accounted for approximately 90% of the Western Australian market.

After moving the Warman company to New South Wales in the late 1950’s and selling its international operations to Warman International Ltd., Charles continued to manufacture and market Warman® products. By the end of the century Warman® pumps were being manufactured all over the world and the company was acquired by The Weir Group PLC.

Charles Warman was a commended supporter and sole sponsor of The Warman Student Design and Build competition since its inception in 1987.

His legacy continues 30 years on and Weir Minerals remains the sole sponsor of what today is a platform to embrace and promote young engineering talent.