Gondwana’s is in the midst of the worst drought in history and irrigation has dried up aquifers normally abundant with fresh water. Three water bores, each having a powerpack and pumping station, have been sucked dry but by using new satellite and geotechnical technology, the Gondwanans have located a plentiful aquifer. High flow pumps have been installed in the pump bunker but its powerpack was overloaded and it exploded. If they can move a powerpack from a dry well to the new aquifer a famine could be averted. Situated on a plateau, a bunker has been made above the new aquifer and ONE of three powerpacks needs to be collected off a nearby well tower and placed in the bunker. Unfortunately, the largest powerpack that will drive the biggest pumps is in the most difficult location for collection and will also be the most difficult to place in the bunker. A garage providing protection near the location can be used as a workshop from which to deploy a system that will collect, transport and place the powerpack into the bunker.